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Spring in Vermont

Happy Snowy Spring from Jericho! Mother Nature can’t seem to make up her mind. One day it’s 50 degrees and sunny, the next a blizzard! Although the weather “whiplash” has been intense, it’s perfect for sap flow and the sugar houses have been working around the clock.

Soup + Bread + Ale wrapped up at the end of March. Over the past 13 weeks, we have served over 140 people and learned so much about our incredible community. Thank you to everyone that participated and special thank you to Lucy and Howe Brewing Co. for brewing such a fabulous beer; An Enchantment of Surpassing Excellence. The event will return for the 2025 winter season with a new twist!

Our family has some very exciting updates to share with the world. First, we are expanding our vegetable gardens and have BIG ambitions for our backyard farm. In March, we built a 3 season geodome greenhouse. The goal is to grow the majority of vegetables we serve at the Inn and have a beautiful food production garden that guests can explore. This summer, we plan to grow tomatoes, peas, cucumbers, lettuces, asparagus, strawberries, herbs, nasturtiums, peppers, squash, pumpkins, gourds, mushrooms… Do you think I may be going overboard?! haha

Second, we partnered with a fabulous local family and are purchasing an old church building in our community! Our vision is to create a gathering place for individuals, organizations and business complete with a commissary kitchen and event rental space! I have a list about a mile long of all the events I am planning to host such as farm to table dinners and family friendly concerts!

How are we possibly finding time for all of this? Well, after 18 years of working full time as a registered nurse, I am going down to part time. It’s a personal goal I have been working towards so that I can focus more energy on my true passions in life: gardening, baking, event planning and spending time with my family.

It’s going to be a very busy summer, but we are so excited for the future! With a little luck, Vermont will have a warm and sunny summer with many a beautiful evening on Lake Champlain.


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